APEX 4.0 New Features

I did another Whitebook (in dutch). This time the subject is New Features in the APEX 4.0 Early Adopters release.
You can find it at the Whitehorses website.

By the way; besides this personal blog I also publish articles on the blog at the Whitehorses site together with the other Oracle, Java and SOA specialists of the company. These blogs are in english. A direct link to the list of my blogs is in my profile.

2 thoughts on “APEX 4.0 New Features

  1. The best new feature is (in my opinion) also the best business reason: higher productivity. Develop more in less time.

    I think that is the whole benefit of upgrading to 4.0. Everything that has been changed adds to productivity. From the way you interact with APEX (the tree-view) to the features you would like to build (using plug-ins etc.), it’s all changed towards speed.

    So the benefits for the business are obvious: they get better applications in less time (aka. less money). Developers have much more possibilities, so APEX 4 adds to the fun in development. And end-users get richer, more user-friendly applications.

    There is so much in APEX 4.0 that makes Application Express a much better product, but I think this is the bombshell.

    P.S. The back is still sore, but getting better. The cat is still too fast for me to catch, so it gets to live a bit longer ;-)

  2. Hi Michel,

    what’s your favorite new feature in APEX 4.0? And for what (business) reason? In other words, what are the benefits end users can gain from switching to 4.0?


    Douwe Pieter

    PS: how’s the back? (and the cat?)

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