Oracle APEX 4.0 Cookbook

It has now been over a month since the Oracle APEX 4.0 Cookbook has been published.
The first sales information and reviews are in and it is looking great.

It has been a real fun few weeks with a lot of congratulations and positive feedback.
On January 12th I had a meeting at Oracle Netherlands headquarters in De Meern to present the first signed copy of the book to Iloon Ellen-Wolff, the Global Technical Lead for Application Express for the Oracle Corporation.

Handing over the first signed copy

Also the first reviews for the book by fellow APEX developers started rolling in. Like these from Rinie Romme and Christian Rokitta. But also a great reference from Joel Kallman, the Director of Software Development at Oracle.

All in all things are still looking great for the book and I’m curious where it will lead me in the future. At least I’ve been noticed by the community now :)

8 thoughts on “Oracle APEX 4.0 Cookbook

  1. Dear author,
    new code did not help for obvious reason: the db_objects.sql file is too long (“URL Encoded SQL length exceeds allowed 32k limit” in Home -> SQL Workshop -> SQL Commands)

    Trying to run commands step by step, I get “ORA-00900: invalid SQL statement”

    By the way, did you run the code in db_objects.sql yourself?

  2. Hello Andrew,
    We have already sent an updated script to Packt. It should be online, or else it will be very soon.

  3. Dear author,
    the script you provided (version 03 Februari 2010) does not work in SQL Workshop in APEX.
    Could you please export the application and publish it?

    With very best regards,

  4. Hi Michael – I was reading your excellent Apex 4.0 cookbook that I purchased from packtpub. Great tips and techniques on Apex. I have a question about the themes switching chapter. I tried your example, but the new theme_115 doesn’t seem to display the images!..Following is further info. Please reply to my email if you have a chance.

    I followed thru the steps mentioned as I’m trying out a new custom theme import.

    However, when I switched the newly imported theme, no images are showing up on the app.

    The chapter mentioned about modifying all image references – which I did – Can you please advice why my images are not visible on the switched theme.

    > I have apex 4.0.2 installed on my local windows machine – EPG config.
    > My $apex_home/images/theme_18 and theme_115 directories are on my c:\ local drive
    > Used theme 18 as baseline
    > modified all references to t18 and theme_18 to t115 and theme_115 in the .css and the exported theme18.sql and saved it to theme115.sql
    > created directory on my windows (local) apex installation $apex_home/images/theme_115/
    > imported the theme115.sql into my apex app.
    > switched the theme.

    Running the test app, I’m not seeing any of the images on the page being rendered. I tested referencing
    an image from theme_18 that was available during apex install, so that image gets rendered on the page.

    Why is the images from the new theme_115 directory not being picked up and shown on the
    practice app I’m trying to build?

    Can you please advice.


  5. Dag Michel,

    Aangezien de auteurs beide Nederlanders zijn doe ik het lekker eenvoudig in het Nederlands.

    Momenteel ben ik druk bezig met het volgen van een informatica opleiding aan de HU en hebben we een project gekregen waarbij we gebruik moeten maken van APEX. Nu kwam ik dit boek tegen en ik ben benieuwd of het boek nuttig is voor mensen die net beginnen met APEX waarbij de opdracht is om een webwinkel te maken.

    Ik hoor graag van jullie


  6. Hello Metin,

    Thank you for reading my book. It’s always great to hear people are enjoying it :)
    You can create the database schema by downloading the scripts from the publishers website at and running them using a tool like the SQL Workshop in APEX or SQL Developer.

  7. Hi Michel,

    I study apex via your book, really appreciate your work, but I dont know how can I create database schema (tables,views) that you used in examples of the book. How can I create that tables and other objects ..

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